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ECU or Engine Control Unit is a small computer installed in most modern vehicle engines that manages the actuators on the vehicle’s engine to make sure it performs flawlessly. Engine Control Unit or the ECU controls all the engine functions like the braking power, ignition timing, ignition pressure, brake pressure, engine responsiveness, air to fuel ratio, and idle timing.
ECU remapping or tuning or chipping is the process of altering the settings of the ECU or Engine Control Unit to improve the vehicle’s performance, throttle response, power, torque, and fuel efficiency. By overwriting the existing ECU settings with the new ones, the vehicle owner can re-program the vehicle to boost the airflow, fuel injection, ignition timing, ignition pressure, and the overall driveability of the vehicle. Tuning or remapping includes tweaking things like the fuel, air, and spark settings for optimal fuel efficiency and performance of the vehicle. Remapping helps to unlock the full potential and capabilities of the vehicle.
Yes, remapping or tuning is absolutely a safe way of modifying a vehicle’s engine, probably if the codes are altered properly. Remember, no two vehicle models can be the same and so are the engines of the different vehicle models. Also, you should get your vehicle remapped by a professional and reputed remapping company.
The ECU is a small computer installed in all modern vehicle engines. It controls all the functions of the vehicle engine. And the best thing is that the ECU settings can be manually tuned, removed, or altered as per the driving requirements of the vehicle owners. In modern vehicles, the tuning can be done by simply connecting a laptop to the OBD port or the on-board diagnostic port of the vehicle via a cable.
When a vehicle is manufactured, the manufacturer typically programs the software settings of the ECU to limit the performance capabilities of the vehicle in all driving conditions and regions. And this means the vehicle is basically programmed for complying with certain regulations like emissions and noise and to have a longer lifespan as a vehicle can be adapted in any climate, road condition, and fuel standards. Limiting the capabilities of the Engine Control unit also means the manufacturer will launch a more powerful and faster model of the vehicle in the future without having to re-design the engine.
Remapping or tuning the ECU can boost a vehicle engine’s power and torque gains drastically, maximising the overall performance of the vehicle by up to 35 percent and fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent. All the engine parameters like the air to fuel ratio, ignition timing, turbocharging boost pressure, etc., can be tweaked to bring a huge difference in the vehicle’s performance and efficiency.
This is how remapping or tuning works.
The ECU built is basically the in-built storage area of the vehicle engine where the data needed for the functioning of the engine control unit or ECU is stored. The ECU flash is the non-volatile storage area and switching it on and off doesn’t erase the available data in it. It’s a type of Electrically erasable programmable read only memory or EEPROM and it functions as the ROM or read only memory, and if you want to re-program it, you need to perform the process of flashing.
ECU flashing can be defined as the process of updating the software that’s installed and runs on the ECU of the bikes or vehicles. Flashing allows you to alter the different settings, parameters, and maps in the ECU of your vehicle to significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.
A dyno or dynamometer is a device that measures the torque, force, and power of the vehicle’s engine. For engine applications, a dyno or dynamometer is designed for creating the load required for duplicating various torque ( lb-ft or Nm ) and speed ( RPM) requirements. Also, from this data, the engine power ( KW or HP ) can be calculated.
Dyno tuning measures the power and torque gains of your vehicle’s engine. It gives exact information about the torque, horsepower, and air to fuel ratio of the engine. Using the data acquisition of the engine and the engine function graphing strategies, you can also get a snapshot of the actual performance of a vehicle and its engine.
With proper ECU remapping or tuning services, you can get to see improvements like a drastic boost in the power and torque gains of your vehicle’s engine, better performance, improved fuel efficiency, better throttle response, greater fuel economy, more horsepower throughout the rev range, and overall a smoother and faster driveability. ECU remapping optimizes the engine of a vehicle to unlock the maximum potential and capabilities of the vehicle, removing the limitations put on the ECU by the vehicle manufacturer.
There are no disadvantages of car remaps if done by a professional and reliable remapper. Remapped or tuned engines are more powerful, and show better performance, fuel efficiency, and driveability.
Manufacturers design the vehicle engines with the concept of ‘one-size’fits-all’ model so that the vehicle can be used in various regions, climatic conditions, and road conditions. The manufacturers choose the settings with a high safety threshold but this limits the performance and efficiency of the vehicle to certain extent.
All remapping or tuning services of ATF-Remapping are tested, safe, and customized and can ensure a great difference in the performance of your vehicle.
No, not at all if you do not change your driving style and other driving conditions.
Remapping or tuning improves the fuel efficiency or fuel economy of a vehicle up to 20 percent. With proper vehicle remaps, you can significantly increase the number of kilometers per liter of the fuel. However, the fuel consumption rate actually depends on the driving style of the car owner and also depends on how fast the car owner moves his or her foot on the pedal or turns his or her hand on the throttle.
Engine remapping or tuning improves the condition of the engine in every respect - in terms of performance, efficiency, speed, acceleration, power, and torque, thereby increasing the lifespan or longevity of the engine. Remapping ensures to keep your vehicle in its best condition for a longer time.
At ATF-Remapping, you can get your car remapped in just a few hours or sometimes it may take a day, depending on the vehicle condition and the issues that need to be tuned. However, our expert remappers try their best to offer same-day remapping services.
Remapping is a completely reversible process and you can get back your vehicle with the previous settings. However, you need to tell us if you want the remap to be reversed to get it done as soon as possible.
With proper custom and tested remapping services at ATF-Remapping, you can expect that your car engine will get up to 35% power gains.
We, at ATF-Remapping offer Revision at no further cost.
Any alteration to the specification of the manufacturer may void the warranty. Hence, it is always recommended to get in touch with your car manufacturer and insurance provider before getting your car remapped.
With remapping or tuning, you are actually pushing boundaries that the manufacturer has created for your car. If you drive badly or harder, extracting more power from the engine, it will simply stress out the engine components more, leading to quick damaging of the components or parts of the engine. Remapping usually does not harm the engine probably if the car owner is not driving it too hard or roughly.
We let our dealers give you an accurate quote according to your car make and model.
Well, it is always suggested to go to a professional and expert remapper for this service instead of trying to do it yourself.
Sometimes, existing modifications can bring benefits to the ECU and the engine. But make sure to let this know to your car remapper before the process starts.
Most of the time, this does not affect your insurance.
A DPF Delete means to run your vehicle engine without having a diesel particulate filter installed. Hence, the DPF needs to be removed and replaced with a downpipe or exhaust pipe that doesn’t have a filter installed. DPF delete helps with reduced fuel consumption, higher engine performance, and low-cost vehicle maintenance.(Off Road Use Only)
A DPF Delete helps to remove the DPF of a vehicle and configures the vehicle’s computer system to function even without it. While there are an innumerable number of kits available, mainly there are two components to a DPF delete, the tuner and the exhaust. The exhaust is basically used for physically replacing the DPF, while the tuner or remapper disables the regeneration mode of the vehicle and ensures that no other engine code comes up. (Off Road Use Only)
EGR Delete or EGR removal is basically the aftermarket part that removes the vehicle’s EGR system. While some of the aftermarket kits are not much preferred by the users, it’s one of those parts that many drivers turn to for improving the performance of their vehicles. In simple words, EGR delete helps to reduce the exhaust emissions of vehicles. Basically, it refers to the technique carried out within the exhaust system for bringing down the nitrous oxide emissions. It is done by re-circulating a part of the engine exhaust back through the engine cylinders. In the end, the vehicle functions as if an EGR valve was not installed in it. (Off Road Use Only)
EGR Delete offers several benefits like: - (Off Road Use Only)
  • Improved fuel economy and engine longevity
  • Reduced engine temperature
  • Saves money on fuel
  • Increased power
  • It’s an affordable kit
AdBlue delete has many benefits including: - (Off Road Use Only)
  • Improved vehicle performance
  • Reduced running cost as you will not have to spend much on AdBlue fluid
  • Increased vehicle power when combined with tuning or remapping
  • Reduced vehicle emissions.