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ATF-REMAPPING, a leading company for diesel performance tuning in Sydney, will have all your diesel tuning needs covered. Our main focus is to provide a vehicle that’s safe and reliable to drive every day while still providing in most cases a substantial torque gain.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust. Talk to one of our dealers today. Our experts in car tuning in Sydney, ensure to provide you with professional advice, products, and services including custom ECU remapping.
Diesel Tuning is a process that involves taking a 'read' or 'copy' of the software inside your engine control unit (ECU) and using our specialist software to edit the 'mapping'. We alter multiple areas of your vehicles settings to improve the vehicle's performance resulting in benefits which can include

Up to a 30% gain in power

Up to a 30% gain in torque

Improved drivability

Better fuel economy

Improved throttle & turbo response

Most diesel owners know that, when they buy a new diesel vehicle, it probably won’t deliver the full performance of which it is capable. Manufacturers are highly conservative with engine output, which can leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, diesel tuning has enabled professional tuners like ATF-REMAPPING to make alterations to the way your vehicle operates, helping it achieve more power and torque without compromising on reliability, safety, or fuel economy.
ATF-REMAPPING are your local tuning experts, offering a variety of upgrade packages and individual upgrade options. With over 10 years of diesel performance tuning experience, our dealer network have a wealth of knowledge, skill, and know-how to provide you with advice and upgrade options. Our performance packages can be tailored to suit your specific car make and model and to suit your driving needs.

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