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Car Tuning In Sydney


When it comes to tuning your pride and joy look no further, ATF Remapping is a global company and is based in Sydney, Australia. Tuning with us is going to give the right amount of gains with a safe tune. This will improve response of the vehicle and help with improved fuel economy. Being a car tuning services company, we ensure all our work is completed by our professional dealers.

What is Car Tuning?

Car tuning refers to modifying or reprogramming the software that controls the engine's operation. The ECU is a computer in your car. The ECU monitors and controls different aspects of the engine, for example the fuel injection, ignition timing, boost pressure, and more. By adjusting the ECU's parameters, it is possible to optimize the engine's performance and characteristics.

ECU tuning can involve several approaches

  • Chip tuning: In older vehicles, the ECU's firmware is physically modified by replacing or reprogramming an EPROM chip. This allows altering the engine's parameters to achieve desired performance gains.
  • OBD tuning: With modern vehicles, ECU tuning is often done through the OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) port. Specialized software is used to access the ECU's programming and modify parameters.
  • ECU remapping: This involves extracting the vehicle's original ECU programming, making modifications to the software, and then reprogramming the ECU with the updated settings. Remapping can be done either by professionals using specialized equipment or through aftermarket tuning modules that connect to the ECU.

ECU tuning can provide various perks, including gains in torque and horsepower, and better fuel economy. It can also optimize the engine’s response, throttle sensitivity, and overall drivability. It is important to know that improper tuning or excessive modifications may have adverse effects on the engine’s reliability. Always go to reputable and professional workshops when seeking advice and services for ECU tuning.

There are many benefits to getting your car tuned:

  • Performance improvement: Tuning your car can optimize the engine's performance by making changes to various parameters such as fuel-air mixture, ignition timing, and turbo boost volumes. Hence increasing horsepower and torque, improving acceleration and overall vehicle performance.
  • Fuel efficiency: A well-tuned car can achieve better fuel efficiency by optimizing the air-fuel mixture, allowing for more complete combustion and reducing fuel wastage. This can result in cost savings over a period of time, especially for vehicles that undergo significant driving mileage
  • Customization: Car tuning allows for customization based on your preferences and driving style. Whether you prioritize power, responsiveness, or fuel economy, a professional tuner can tailor the tuning to suit your specific needs.
  • Enhanced drivability: Tuning can improve throttle response, reduce turbo lag, and smoothen power delivery, resulting in a more enjoyable and engaging driving experience. It can also address issues like flat spots or hesitation in acceleration.
  • Modifications and aftermarket parts: If you've made modifications to your car, such as installing aftermarket parts like a cold air intake, exhaust system, or larger turbocharger, tuning becomes necessary to optimize the performance and ensure the components work together harmoniously.
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting: During the tuning process, a professional tuner can diagnose and address any underlying issues or faults in your car's engine management system. This can help prevent potential problems and ensure the vehicle is running optimally.

It's important to note that car tuning should be performed by experienced car tuning service professionals who have the necessary knowledge and equipment. They can ensure that the modifications and adjustments made to your car are safe, reliable, and compliant with local regulations. This is where if you're looking for car tuning in Sydney, then ATF Remapping can be your one-stop destination.

Car tuning in Sydney has become a popular and the most effective way of improving driveability, fuel efficiency, performance, and safety on the roads. It’s an exciting way for owners to personalise their vehicles as per their driving style and needs and improve their driving experience. It can also give a sense of satisfaction and pride in owning a unique and high-performance car. However, it is important to approach car tuning with caution and always prioritise safety and reliability when making modifications to a vehicle. Leading companies for car tuning in Sydney like ATF-Remapping can be a great choice if you are looking for top-notch remapping or tuning services at an affordable pricing.

Professional Car Tuning services.

Instead of making physical replacements or installing physical parts, car tuning involves uploading a custom tuned mod file to your vehicle’s engine. ATF-Remapping, a leading company for car tuning in Sydney, offers professional, tested, safe, and fully personalised tuning and remapping services for a wide range of vehicles at exceptional pricing.

Why should you get your car tuned?

Car tuning in Sydney or anywhere in Australia can be the best way to improve its performance, longevity, driveability, power, efficiency, and reliability while driving.

  • Car tuning in Sydney or no matter where you live, can extend the life of your engine and your vehicle. Keeping your car running at its peak performance means more years are added to your vehicle and its engine
  • Tuning gives better petrol mileage. If your car engine runs more efficiently, your vehicle will get better petrol mileage and save a lot of your money.

Why Choose ATF-Remapping?

ATF-Remapping is one of the most trusted and experienced companies for car tuning in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and other parts of Australia to a wide range of European, petrol, and diesel vehicles. It houses some of the most proficient and expert car tuners in Sydney.

Honest & professionalism are what we are known for. We have a large team of experts in car tuning in Sydney and across Australia who are well-trained and have years of experience in what they do. They ensure all aspects of the remaps are completed in a professional and safe manner. We have 82 reliable and specialised dealers and we ensure 50 minutes service time, that’s what makes us stand out as the best company for car tuning in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and all over Australia. We have served 1200+ customers till now covering a wide range of popular brands.

What we offer?

  • 25-30% added torque and horsepower
  • Enhanced driveability
  • Improved diesel economy, typically of 10-15%
  • Better throttle response

Our Services

ATF-Remapping, an expert in car tuning in Sydney, ensures to safely and professionally tune up your vehicle’s software to improve the driveability, performance, and fuel efficiency. Our experts in car tuning in Sydney ensure to provide safe, tested, & custom remaps to meet your driving needs and preferences and ensure safety on the roads.

ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping

We rewrite and ECU remaps your vehicle engine software to increase its power and torque and improve its driveability, performance, and fuel efficiency on diesel engines.

Car Tuning Services

Chip tuning

Chip tuning is similar to remapping but instead of rewriting or programming the ECU, the tuning chips in the ECU are electronically re-flashed with modified or new remapping data the improve your vehicle performance.

Diesel & Petrol Engine Tuning

Petrol tuning

We offer personalised and reliable petrol tuning services that deliver increased engine response, up to 35% more power, increased torque, and up to 15% better fuel efficiency.

Tuning File Service

Diesel tuning

We modify multiple areas of your diesel vehicle settings to enhance its performance resulting in up to 30% power and torque gain, better fuel economy, improved driveability & better turbo response.


Dyno tuning

Optimize your engine's performance with our expert dyno tuning service. Trust our skilled professionals for car tuning in Sydney and state-of-the-art equipment to unlock your vehicle's full potential & maximise its driveability.

Some of the popular brands we have served include:

Being one of the most experienced companies for car tuning in Sydney, we have tuned most of the top car brands available today including -

  • Audi
  • Bentley
  • BMW
  • Citroen
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Jaguar
  • Jeep
  • JCB
  • Lamborgini
  • KIA Motors
  • Renault
  • Toyota
  • Tesla
  • Suzuki, and more.
  • Voklswagon
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Ford

If you are looking for professional and reliable car tuning services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or anywhere in Australia, ATF-Remapping is your one-stop solution with 1200+ customers, 850+ files a month and 82 dealers.